Monday, January 29, 2007

baby you can drive my car...

...just make sure you park it properly...

I think we will all agree that nothing is more irritating when you are trying to find a decent parking spot in a busy area, than coming across some idiot who has parked their car in two spots. Or you return to your car to find that the jerk next to you has parked so close that you have to enter through the passenger side and climb over the stick shift just to get behind the wheel. Well the fine folks at You Park Like an Asshole have come up with a solution. Simply download the handy notice and keep a stash in your glove box. The next time you encounter an offensive park-er, just whip out one of the notices, check off the appropriate box(es) and leave the notice on the windshield. Not only will you feel better, but the offending jerk may just think twice the next time they pull an idiotic parking job.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

i howl and i whine...

Get a load of this.

Battling the bottles

Basically, this article includes a bunch of restaurateurs whining about the burden of the LCBO's new Bag it Back recycling program. The process of separating wine bottles from their regular recycling and then driving them to their nearest return depot will cause extra work. I have two things to say.

#1 The restaurant business is one of the toughest out there. I have tremendous respect for people in this industry. On the other hand, anyone who owns their own business has to understand that things constantly change. If you can't adapt and deal with it, you're in the wrong business. Go work for someone who will take care of the tough stuff for you.

#2 If business and industry refuse to do their part to reduce waste, we might as well just blow up our planet now. I firmly believe that as individual citizens we have the power to make a positive impact on the environment. But business and industry have the power to impact change on a huge scale in a shorter amount of time. By developing programs such as the LCBO's Bag it Back program, industry is making positive strides to reverse the damage we've done to our planet. If restaurants don't participate, this program ceases to be beneficial to our environment.

As far as I'm concerned, it's up to every single one of us to do our part for the environment. From recycling to composting, from waste reduction to using energy efficient appliances, these small changes, no matter how much extra work they create, can positively impact the world in which we live. So to those restaurateurs who think this is too much work, get over it! Our planet needs your cooperation. As human beings, it's part of your job.

Monday, January 22, 2007

everything old is new again


Starting February 5, 2007, Ontario residents will be able to return their empty wine and liquor containers (that's glass bottles, plastic bottles (PET), Tetra Pak containers, bag-in-box, aluminum and steel containers) to their local Beer Store in exchange for their deposit. The idea is twofold. The first is to keep these bottles out of the landfill (yes, some still need the monetary incentive to recycle). The second is, by pulling these bottles out of our blue boxes, to allow the municipalities to expand the variety of items they can recycle.

So all we have to do is save up our bottles and take them to the Beer Store, just like we've been doing with our beer bottles for decades. Yes, we'll be paying an extra 20 cents for a bottle of wine, but we'll get the full deposit back. When they make it this easy, how can you not participate?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

i've got decisions to be made between lager and ale

It's called The Beerbelly. Here's a quote from the website selling them.

"Made up of an insulated neoprene sling and a polyurethane bladder connected to a drinking tube, the Beerbelly holds up to 2.3 Litres (over four pints) of amber nectar and it will stay cold for hours with the optional freezer pack. Brilliant, eh? Okay, so you'll look a bit podgy when wearing it, but who gives a XXXX when you can surreptitiously swig your favourite brew wherever you may roam."

Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

you are so beautiful...

I am an award show junkie. I'll watch any award show out there, even if I haven't the slightest clue who the nominees are or what they did to deserve the nomination. I just love seeing how the winners react. It's all about the acceptance speech. I'm a complete sucker for the tear-jerking, lord and saviour thanking, I couldn't have done this without you _____, kind of speech. Call it a guilty pleasure.

So I totally missed the Golden Globes on Monday night because 24 was on. Really, whose bright idea was that? The start of a highly anticipated new season of one of the best shows in television history against a major award show?!? Yeah, I know I could have taped one and watched it later, but honestly, I just don't have that kind of time.

But, I digress. To satisfy my curiosity, I surfed on over to You Tube to check out some of the acceptance speeches. If you haven't seen America Ferrera's speech, please check it out. And if you haven't watched Ugly Betty, definitely check it out! Not only is it a funny, funny show but the main character is a confident, lovable, intelligent, honest young woman who does not look like what the media portrays as "beautiful." But she is beautiful because she is real! We need more of these kinds of characters in movies, television and magazines to give young girls the confidence to accept themselves for who they are instead of believing that they must try to be something that they are not.

While at You Tube, I came across a clip of America Ferrera on Ellen. Listen carefully to the very last thing America says. Ain't that the truth!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

when the lights go down

Just over a year ago, after my darling Steve gave me a 60GB video iPod for Christmas, I discovered podcasting. And through podcasting, I discovered some incredible music. Independent artists who should be on the radio, but aren't because the big record companies producing manufactured crap are still in control of the music industry. I will blog about a lot of these great artists in the future but for now, sad news.

The Cool Waters Band, has decided to call it quits after a 13 year run. I discovered them in early 2006 when Adam Curry played their song, 2 Car Garage on his podcast, the Daily Source Code. I was instantly hooked and the album did not disappoint. I listen to it all the time and have since downloaded (and am totally digging) a couple of their earlier releases. This is rock the way it was meant to be. Energetic, earthy, raw, funky, intense, feel good fun. The fact that we are force fed Britney Spears and Pussy Cat Dolls and don't get to hear artists like the Cool Waters Band on the radio is a crime.

While I wish the guys well in their future endeavours, I can't help but feel like this is yet another victory for the record industry and corporate radio. Another indie band dies, while Jessica Simpson earns millions on another boat load of crap. As music lovers, we have the power to change this. Turn off your radios. Go hear some live music in your area. Surf the net for some great indie music. Check out some great music podcasts, like Accident Hash. Yeah, there is bound to be some crap out there, but you just might find your next favourite band.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

you are the Apple of my eye

Yet another reason why Apple is far superior to Microsoft.


Now I am not a techie by any stretch of the imagination. I really don't get most computer, web and gadget related stuff. But even from my technologically challenged view, I can tell that the iPhone is one of the coolest gadgets ever. Unlike Microsoft products, Apple products make everything easier for those of us who are just not tech savy, but really wish we were. Apple products are as intuitive as they are pretty. Perfect for the wannabe geek like me!

Now if I could only justify the approx. $500-$600 US for one of these babies!

Monday, January 8, 2007

gotta have that hot stuff

You never have to twist my arm to go for Indian food, so I was thrilled to come across this article.

Tasty Curry Might Have a Fringe Benefit

Could you pass the Naan, please?

Saturday, January 6, 2007

don't throw it all away

I came across a great article in the Globe and Mail this morning. There's a couple in Toronto who's goal in 2007 is to produce absolutely no household waste. Absolutely none. They even limit what they recycle as the process of recycling produces waste. Every aspect of their life is affected by this, from their work, to how they shop and what they eat. Now I try to make environmentally conscious decisions all the time, but I can't even imagine this! Whether they are successful or not (and I have a feeling they will be) , simply attempting this feat proves that as individuals, we have the power to affect change. It has certainly inspired me to try harder to reduce the waste that I produce.

You can follow their efforts at Say No to Trash.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

mighty fine wine

I'm a huge red wine fan. Not an expert by any stretch, but I love trying new wines, especially Canadian ones. I'm also a sucker for great marketing and must admit that I bought this bottle based on the pretty label. Well, the painted turtle did not disappoint. This shiraz, "cellared in Canada from imported & domestic wine" is described on the lable as having "vibrant cassis, black cherry and plum flavours." All I know, is that it is yummy! So if you are into a spicy shiraz, check out the turtle. (For my fellow Ontarians, only $11.95 at the LCBO.)

Here's Frank hanging with the turtle.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

meet the flintstones?

Not work safe or kid friendly, may be offensive to some.

But very funny.

raging fred

give it away, give it away, give it away now

My husband Steve and I have been talking about having a garage sale since we moved into our house almost 5 years ago. Instead, our basement utility room has been slowly filling up with stuff that is still in relatively good shape but that we no longer have any use for. Well I just discovered freecycle. Basically, you send an email to members of your freecycle group, advertising what it is you want to get rid of. Interested parties email you back and you get rid of your crap! How cool is that? The idea is to promote recycling and waste reduction in the community in which you live. So far, there are over 3,900 freecycle communities worldwide!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

only the beginning, only just the start

I've been thinking about blogging for most of the past year. I'm finally getting off my butt and doing it. What's taken me so long? Not being sure what to blog about. The Virgo in me screams for order and structure. How can I blog without a specific set of criteria? I realized after following various blogs over the past year that this was my chance to break free from my anal retentive nature. Blog about whatever I want, whenever I want. So here goes. Thanks for joining me on the ride.