Saturday, March 29, 2008

and i'll print it on a t-shirt...

A little while back, I posted about a cool initiative called the Joy T-Shirt project. If you purchase a shirt from this site, you can submit a photo of yourself to be used as a t-shirt design. I purchased a t-shirt a couple of months ago, submitted by photo and kind of forgot about it. Then, I received the following email:

Hey Vivian I just wanted to thank you so much for participating in the Joy T-shirt project it truly means a lot. I must apologize for the long delay as things have been a little hectic and I have fallen behind but am in the process of getting some help. In any event I just wanted to let you know that your profile pic is now posted on Once again thanks for your patience and please continue to spread the Joy! Wishing you well. Kindest Regards, Jeff Woodrow

That's right people! You too can own a t-shirt with my face on it. But the picture itself is not the point. When I decided to purchase a shirt, I went through every picture available. And it wasn't looks that made my decision. I decided that I wanted to choose a picture of a person who lived outside of North America and who listed interests that I found cool. I chose Sabry. He is a 39 year old from Algeria who lists his passions as "Hanging out with friends, sleeping in on weekends, smoking the hookah." Amen, brother.

So check out the site and if you feel the joy, order a shirt. And check out my profile.

it might as well be sping...

It's feeling more and more like spring these days. Here are a few tell tale signs:
  • people eating ice cream at the mall
  • ducks in the creek behind my house
  • the garden centre at my grocery store is getting ready to open
  • a student came into my office last week wearing flip flops
  • it's still light out when I get home from work
  • I constantly think about going to the cottage
  • I actually feel like exercising again
  • for the first time in months, I actually feel hopeful
Sorry for the blog hiatus. I'm back!

turn off the lights...

It's Earth Hour. I am sitting at my dining room table, blogging by candle light. I forgot how much I love candle light. When I was in university I used to study by candle light. Well not completely. The small desk lamp would be on, but other than that, just candles. There is something warm, soothing and peaceful about candle light.

I'll be interested to see the stats on Earth Hour and if the WWF feels that they have achieved what they wanted with this initiative. Personally , I'm generally pretty conscious about turning the lights off when leaving a room, but this hour has really got me thinking about what more I can do to conserve energy. I guess that's the idea with this little experiment, isn't it.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i can see clearly now...

Before I was a cat owner, I would have found these cute and funny. But now it means that much more.

Created by Simon Tofield.