Saturday, November 10, 2007

i can feel it...

I can listen to almost any style of music as long as the musicians have talent. I love hearing a band live that sounds exactly like they do on their records. It just proves that there wasn't a lot of "doctoring" in the recording studio and that the musicians actually know how to play the instruments and can carry a tune. I wouldn't run out and buy a Celine Dion album but I do respect that she is a an incredible vocalist. Britney Spears on the other hand, all personal issues aside, is completely talentless. She lip syncs her "live" performances! The fact that she has made a crap load of money as a musician when other worthy talents are struggling is mind boggling. But that's a subject for another post.

Thanks to the magic of the Facebook Funwall, I found this clip on my friend Jeff's profile. From the first note, I was riveted. Nothing is more impressive to me musically, than a group of people who can pull off an a capella vocal performance. And these guys totally rock it. What kills me is how most of the people witnessing this moment of musical brilliance can just stand there. I was dancing in my chair while sitting at my computer. At one point I did get on my feet to dance and I'm proud of it. This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel good to be alive. Good music, good friends, good washes all of life's other crap away. Get on your feet people!

And thank you Naturally 7! This totally made my day.


e-Lizabeth said...

That is some seriously awesome vocal work. How come stuff like that never goes down when I ride the subway?? Damn.

vivian said...

no shit eh. I ride the subway almost every day and it's just full of grumpy people blocking the doors. *sigh*