Sunday, September 7, 2008

true colours shining through

Old news to many, but I just came across this again and had to blog it.

These buttons were actually being sold at the Republican state convention in Texas back in June.

Sadly, the fact that this button was even produced should surprise no one. Anyone who thinks that racism in America is on the decline is sadly mistaken.

Very sad.


Pel said...

I've seen things like this in other mediums too. I think the BBC website did a bit where they interviewed people about McCain and Obama and someone actually said something along the lines of 'They call it the White House for a reason.'

Idiots. The US looks like it's in a bit of a state (hah) when it comes to the elections. Too narrow minded for Obama to get given a chance, which leaves them with the McCain/Palin combo, which is terrifying.

vivian said...

It really is quite scary. It saddens me to think that Obama will likely not win because too many people can't see past the colour of his skin.