Saturday, February 9, 2008

today is the greatest day I've ever known...

Today, I met my brand new, day and a half old, totally gorgeous niece!

Steve's brother David and his awesome wife Tera had a gorgeous baby girl on Thursday night. Amelia Elizabeth came into this world around 9pm at 7lbs 9ounces. She is the first grandchild in our little family and my very first niece. I am blown away by the magic that is an infant child. Watching her sleeping quietly in her incubator this afternoon was completely overwhelming. I am excited by the prospect of watching her grow. Oh, and I also plan to be the aunt that spoils her rotten. That is my job.

I'm sure that Amelia will be the subject of many a post in the future. Stay tuned.


Mary Lynn said...

Congratulations Uncle Steve and Auntie Viv! Very happy for you.

vivian said...

Thanks! We're beyond excited!