Monday, February 11, 2008

i got lost in the song...

Jim Cuddy

Last night, Elizabeth, Erica, Deb and I went to the Blue Rodeo concert at Hamilton Place. Even though this was my 6th time seeing them live, they continue to surprise and amaze me with their live performances. On this tour, the entire first half of the show has a stripped down, semi-acoustic feel. They played on the front half of the stage in front of a black curtain, Glenn Milchem armed only with his snare drum. It gave the show a small club kind of vibe. For a moment, I almost forgot that we were in a theatre that seats over 2000! It was so great to hear some of their classics in the different arrangements. Bad Timing was fantastic with just two guitars, harmonica, and just a bit of harmony from Greg Keelor. It was also awesome to hear them do No Where You Go/Tell Me Your Dream with the fantastic Melissa McClelland. Her voice is incredible!

Melissa McClelland

The highlight of the set was Greg singing Dark Angel, with only Bob Packwood on keys backing him up. He slowly walked across the very front of the stage as he sang. A showstopper!

Greg Keelor

The second half rocked as one would expect from Blue Rodeo. When Jim Cuddy announced that it was almost the end of the show and encouraged people to come up to the front and dance, we and about 50 others bolted up to the stage. This gave me the opportunity to get some great close up shots.

Jim and Greg performing the opening of Heart Like Mine

We danced and sang our hearts out when Greg led us through Hasn't Hit Me Yet. I love watching the smile on his face as he listens to us belting out his brilliant lyrics.

One of the many things that I adore about Blue Rodeo is that they always invite up and coming musicians to join them on stage. In addition to Melissa McClelland, Luke Doucet, who also provided backing vocals earlier in the night, and opening act Cuff the Duke joined them for part of their encore. When I got home and was suffering from my usual post-concert insomnia, I downloaded albums from all 3 of these excellent artists.

Luke Doucet and Cuff the Duke's Wayne Petti

It was a great night of music that I will repeating again on February 29 at Massey Hall. I can't wait to see the boys in my favourite Toronto concert venue.

If you're interested, there are more pics on my flickr stream.


e-Lizabeth said...

just so we're clear, Greg = mine.

Tasty pics, Viv - awesome

vivian said...

Crystal. And Jim = mine. :)

Thanks babe.

Steve said...

Great shots... looks like you had really great seats for the show.

I have tickets for all 3 shows in Toronto - including front row center on the Friday night.

Pretty excited.

Thanks for sharing, and adding them to the Blue rodeo group.

vivian said...

Thanks JDJ! My photography still is improving, oh so slowly. We were 6th row. Great seats.

All 3 Toronto shows?!? And front rows?!? I'm very jealous. I'll be about 12 rows back for the Friday night show. Where are you sitting for the other 2 shows? Can't wait to see your pics!

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice, you know. How did you get that really clear shot of Bob Egan? He's usually hard to get into a shot.


vivian said...

Thanks Sara. That shot of Bob Egan was pure luck. I took it when we went up to the front of the stage to dance. I think I snapped out a dozen of him and that was the only one that was decent.

Pel said...

Lovely pictures at always. I shall have to get some more Blue Rodeo. I've got the album you recommended and it gets plenty of play.

vivian said...

Pel, I'm so glad you are enjoying it! I believe that I suggested Lost Together as a good starting point. Might I suggest Diamond Mine, The Days in Between or the latest album, Small Miracles, as your next ventures into the wonderful world of Blue Rodeo. They are all quite different albums from different stage of their career. I think you will enjoy them all.