Saturday, February 9, 2008

on the cover of the rolling stone...

Hi. My name is Vivian. And I have a magazine problem.

Seriously, I have a pretty serious magazine addiction. I have many subscriptions, more than I really have time to read. But that doesn't stop me from buying more. So this is perfect for me!

This coffee table has slots that allow you to clear stacks of magazines out of the way but still have them easily accessible. A household item that both looks good and is practical. The Virgo in me is in heaven!

Available at uncommon goods.


Samantha said...

My name is Samantha and I too am a recovering magazine addict.
I too share your pain, Vivian.
Did you see the Globe this past weekend with the magazine bench? It would store even more mags than this table!
Our household subscribes to about 10 magazines...way down from what it used to be. But in the name of recycling, I receive most of my parents magazines when they are done with them (about 15 a month) and amongst our neighbours we also swap. So on average I read or browse through 35 magazines a month. I call myself recovering because I am not subscribing to all of them. And I delude myself by saying how we are helping out the planet by all the swapping that we do!

vivian said...

Did I ever! Steve actually tried to hide that section of the Globe before I saw it. I must have that bench.

I think we're at about a dozen subscriptions and only one of them is Steve's. I struggle with the environmental side of magazines. I know it would be better to view these magazines online now that more and more of them are available in that form. But I just love the tangible aspect of the magazine. There is just something about holding it in my hands and flipping those shiny pages. And I can't throw them out either. I've got fives shelves full of them in the basement. It's just so wrong. There's got to be a support group for people like us.