Thursday, November 8, 2007

baby love the radio

I love the CBC. Especially CBC radio. We are very lucky in this country to have such an excellent national radio station. Having said that, I don't often get to listen to the programs I enjoy simply because of the time of day that they are on. Podcasting has completely changed that. And thankfully, the CBC has jumped on the podcast bandwagon. I am able to download highlights from some of my favourite CBC programs like Sounds Like Canada and Definitely Not the Opera. It makes up for not being able to hear the entire shows when they are actually on.

Recently, CBC added two new programs that I am totally digging. Search Engine delves into how the internet is changing the world we live in. It's not a show about technology, but rather how technology, specifically the world wide web, is affecting all aspects of society from politics to the arts. One of my favourite things about the show is the audience interaction. The listeners are encouraged to participate not only on the show's blog but by contributing to the show's content by pitching story ideas and submitting audio segments.

Spark is another great new show that looks at new trends and technology and their application the world we live in. Both programs show that the CBC is listening to their audience and addressing the interests of younger listeners by adding these hip new shows to their lineup. It's all about building the audience and the CBC appears to know what they are doing.


Pel said...

I wish I had CBC. I missed Steve when he was on :(

Search Engine sounds quite cool.

The BBC does a full 'listen again' option so you can listen to the whole show from start to finish. Awesome for things like Russell Howards (with Jon Richardson) show :D

vivian said...

That's cool! I would love to be able to listen to my favourite CBC shows in there entirety but I will take what I can get with the podcasts.