Tuesday, September 25, 2007

almost as beautiful...

So I'm still a bit bummed about missing Blue Rodeo's series of guerrilla concerts throughout downtown Toronto on Tuesday. Then I checked my You Tube subscriptions and found this piece of footage from the concert outside of the ROM, steps from my office. It broke my heart to watch it. I so should have been there!

I especially love what Jim says about The Crystal. ;)

There is also footage of them performing "C'mon" outside of the Eaton Centre. Check out the Starfish Entertains page for more!

I'm listening to the new album, Small Miracles, as I write this. And it is fantastic! Blue Rodeo fans will not be disappointed.

And I will lay off Blue Rodeo as a topic for a while. Promise.


Anonymous said...

The new album is really good... I'm a huge Jim fan, but the Greg songs on this one are the best. Jim's are solid, right down the line of a Blue Rodeo song, but Greg seems to be more adventurous on this album, which pays off big time!

Sorry to hear you were sick and missed out. You should have called in sick and went to all the different locations around the city, regardless! If I had known they were doing that before Sunday night, I would have planned to take the day off. At Least I got to see them at Union Station to start the day and the ACC to end it.

John doe Jr/Steve

vivian said...

Even though I felt like crap I so wanted to drag my ass into Toronto and follow them around. That would have been a blast! I'm glad you got to see them on a couple of their stops.

It's interesting that I always immediately love the Jim songs and slowly grow to love the Greg songs. It's like that with every album. I always think that I'm a bigger Jim fan but when I look back at their albums and pick my favourites it's an even split. Greg's lyrics always break my heart, even when it's a happy song.

I can't wait to see them tour this record. I'm planning to go to the Hamilton and Toronto shows. I think I may need to start a Blue Rodeo fan support group!

Thanks for the comment.