Sunday, April 8, 2007

thank you for the music

I try very hard to support Canadian music. Through the magic of iTunes, I've subscribed to a number of podcasts that highlight Canadian music. Maybe I'm getting old, but I just can't get excited about any of the up and coming bands that these podcasts are touting as the best new Canadian talent. I'm starting to feel like a bad Canadian, and believe me, I am a pretty hardcore patriot!

I have recently discovered two UK bands that I just love!

The Shakes are a 4 piece from London, England. When I first heard their song Liberty Jones on about 5 million podcasts in one week, I wasn't all that impressed. Frankly, I was quite annoyed that every podcaster in the universe was playing this song. That's usually the first clue that I will absolutely fall in love with a band. And I did! Soon afterwards, I was on the Podsafe Music Network listening to Liberty Jones over and over again. The really cool thing about this band is that they don't have a record deal and they don't have a full length album out. They have been releasing singles every few months and promoting themselves through the Internet. I can honestly say that the minute they have a CD out I will download it! In the meantime, I look forward to each new single, live track, podcast, and whatever else they put out on their website or the Podsafe Music Network. These guys are totally taking matters into their own hands! It's refreshing to see a band take a different approach. I hope it's working for them.

I am also totally into The Fratellis. These guys got a huge break when their tune, Flathead, was featured in an Apple ad promoting iPod + iTunes. There music is catchy and fun with some excellent lyrics. I'm a total sucker for great lyrics! From what I can tell, they are also an indie band and seem to be developing a good following.

So maybe I'm just more in tune with the UK sound these days. Whatever it is, I highly recommend that you check out both of these awesome bands.

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