Saturday, April 7, 2007

in the drink

I picked up a bottle of 2005 Fetzer Vineyards Valley Oaks Zinfandel from California this week. I was first introduced to this wine by the lovely couple that bought our Toronto condo before we made the moved to Burlington almost 5 years ago. Until that point, I only knew of White Zinfandel, also known in my circles as "pink party wine." I had never had a red Zinfandel before and instantly fell in love with this one.

Ruby red in colour, this wine has a nose of spice and pepper. The flavour is slightly lighter than the aroma suggests, but full of fresh, dark berries, vanilla and licorice, with a long, dry finish. At the LCBO, $14.15.

By the way, if you enjoy wine and especially love a non wine snob review, check out the Wineass podcast. Unfortunately, I can't get many of the wines he reviews in my area, but he is highly entertaining.

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