Sunday, March 4, 2007

a few of my favourite things

oh, yeah!

We picked up a bottle of Long Flat 2004 Shiraz from Australia. Words cannot express how much this wine has rocked my world! I'm a sucker for a good Australian Shiraz and this one kicks ass! The first sniff was full of spice and ripe berries. The first taste was caramel, blackberry and pepper. Later on, there were hints of black licorice. So many of my favourite flavours in one affordable bottle. (only $12.15 at the LCBO)

Ain't life grand!?!


e-Lizabeth said...

Okay, come on, you are so turning me into a wino with all your yummy wine picks....oh...wait...never mind... :)

vivian said...

you are what you drink...wait...that's not right...