Monday, July 20, 2009

how sweet it is...

I try to buy locally grown produce as much as possible. Sadly, our grocery stores are filled with imported produce even though our little patch of suburbia is surrounded by rich farm land. As I was on my way to drop the little dude off at my parents' place this morning so that I could go to a doctor's appointment, I noticed that the sign for Hutchinson Farm, located a mere 8 kilometers from my parents' house, was advertising that their raspberries were ready. I love all berries and raspberries may be my favourite fruit. So after my appointment I convinced my mom to accompany Alex and I to Hutchinson Farm.

In addition to these deliciously, sweet raspberries...

I picked up these lovely beets.

They also had some beautiful zucchini, both green & yellow, but I didn't buy any since I had some in the fridge at home. I see by their website that they also grow several varieties of tomatoes and peppers among other items. I was so impressed by the freshness and quality of what I bought today that I will definitely go back and check out these crops when they are ready.

Now I need to get a damp cloth to clean the raspberry stains off my laptop. :)


spalc said...

I biked past there on Saturday and was debating about how many I could fit in my jersey pocket and just how squished they'd be when I got home. Yes, I was hungry at the time!

I'm always surprised at how little local stuff there is in the store and how it can be more expensive that stuff at the market or on the farm.

vivian said...

You should have stopped in for a pint and then continued on! LOL

The grocery store situation really sucks. So much of the imported produce is completely tasteless. There are times that I would kill for a tomato that actually tasted like a tomato.