Sunday, June 21, 2009


Has it really been more than a month since I last posted? Really?

I've written about 1,000 blog posts in my head. While I'm in the shower, doing laundry, mixing formula... I just can't seem to get to the computer to get them down. The shift in priorities caused by having a baby has really made me think about how I spend my time when he does not need my attention. So I'm in the process of streamlining. I'm cutting back on the huge number of blogs in my Google reader. I've already unsubscribed to a whole bunch of podcasts that I wasn't really listening to/enjoying anymore. I'm making more time for the activities that I really get something out of. And blogging is one of them. I'm not going to make some crazy commitment to post a certain number of times per week. But by getting rid of the other stuff I've been wasting my time on and getting nothing out of, I'm making more time for blogging on a regular basis. So consider this a rebirth of sorts.

It's nice to be here again.

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