Friday, May 8, 2009

the taste of delicious

So the healthy eating plan isn't going so well this week. I haven't been feeling well (fighting a cold) and the little dude is teething. My eating has been sporadic and not as well balanced as I would like. However, I have not gained any weight back so it's not too bad. I probably won't have lost any when this week is done. Rather than stress about it, I plan to get back on track tomorrow. So tonight, I enjoyed a fabulous dinner made by my awesome husband. I have likely mentioned before that Steve has the gift of being able to throw together a meal from whatever happens to be in the fridge. He attributes this to spending his youth watching cooking shows. Whatever the reason, I am very grateful for his cooking prowess.

So tonight, he made an incredible mushroom risotto. He claims that he really hasn't mastered the art of making risotto yet but I haven't sampled one that has sucked yet. But I do urge him to continue trying. :)

With the risotto, we enjoyed this excellent wine. I found the 2008 Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenere in the Vintages section of the LCBO for only $13.95. This wine is produced from organically grown grapes and is fantastic. Deliciously fruity and smooth with a hint of vanilla.

Sometimes, there is just nothing better than a good meal with someone you love.


The Knitted Squirrel said...

I have to agree with you there! My hubby cooks too! And I LOVE to eat! I have come to the same conclusion, that there is nothing better than to share a meal with those you love. Life gets in the way most days, so I cherish the time I spend with my kids and hubby! Our meals together are getting fewer and farther between.

Knitted Piper said...

awwwwwe !!!
that's so nice .... it's good to see that you appreciate what you have :)

(this is from someone who seems to eat more meals alone than with someone else ... except on knitting nights, of course !!)

vivian said...

Life does get in the way. Steve and I actually eat more meals together now that Alex is around. Before, he used to eat in front of the TV and me the computer. Now that we are not commuting together, dinner is our time to catch up. I hope to keep it that way.