Tuesday, April 28, 2009

it's been one week...

So I started what I am calling the "healthy eating plan" just over a week ago. And it's going well. I lost 5 pounds in the first week. Now don't worry, I know that's a lot for one week. But I've also been on enough diets to know that it is very common to lose a big amount in the first week and then taper off as your body gets used to the change. Miraculously, I have not had a sliver of chocolate or other sweets since starting the plan and my fruit & veggie intake has probably doubled. And the best part was that I actually broke a few rules too. We were out Sunday night and I enjoyed a fabulous gin martini and a huge, yummy dinner. I didn't do as well on the exercise front (the Wii is not hooked up yet) but I did get out for a couple of walks. But no guilt here. I'll just try to get more exercise this week. So I'm happy to call week 1 a success!

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