Sunday, November 23, 2008

the final countdown...

I started counting down the days to my last day of work before maternity leave back in September. But it wasn't until last week, that I actually counted the days until my due date. It was actually Steve who pointed it out, but now I can't get it out of my head. As of today, there are 42 days until my due date. That's just over a month. Until life as we currently know it, completely changes. Or does it? I've spent a l0t of time over the past few months thinking about this. Almost everyone I know who has children keeps telling me that "life is never the same" and "everything changes" and they make it sound so drastic and dire. Yes, I realize that Steve and I will be responsible for a human life who will rely on us for absolutely everything. But we're not changing, are we? We'll still be the same people, just with another little person around to take care of. Of course our lifestyle will change. We won't be going out as much and we'll be spending money differently. We won't be getting much sleep for the first little while, not they we get enough sleep now. I guess I'm just having trouble imagining how different and life changing this whole thing is going to be. But I guess I'll find in approximately 42 days.


Mary Lynn said...

Things do change, but not in a dire way. You will still essentially be you...but parenthood sort of shifts your focus in ways you might not even expect. Things that didn't used to matter sometimes take on more importance, things that used to be important become less so. Caring for someone who is so completely and utterly dependant on you for comfort and nourishment cannot help but change you.

Change is good!

vivian said...

That makes sense. I guess I just find it odd how people talk about it like they had no idea that things would be different. How could it not be?

And yes, change is good. Especially this kind of change. :)