Saturday, March 29, 2008

it might as well be sping...

It's feeling more and more like spring these days. Here are a few tell tale signs:
  • people eating ice cream at the mall
  • ducks in the creek behind my house
  • the garden centre at my grocery store is getting ready to open
  • a student came into my office last week wearing flip flops
  • it's still light out when I get home from work
  • I constantly think about going to the cottage
  • I actually feel like exercising again
  • for the first time in months, I actually feel hopeful
Sorry for the blog hiatus. I'm back!


e-Lizabeth said...

w00t! missed you babe, glad you're back!

vivian said...

Thanks babe! It's good to be back!

Samantha said...

Thought you had fallen off the edge of the earth! After checking faithfully every day for weeks, this morning I was rewarded with 1 post but 3!
My first signs of spring....the Canada Geese are flying overhead and I saw my first robin yesterday!

vivian said...

Thanks Sam! It's so nice to know that I was missed. I promise to not be gone so long next time.

So when are you starting your blog?

Pel said...

Welcome back :D

I wear flip flops in winter...though I'm guessing the British winter isn't anything cold-wise compared to what Canada can dish out!

vivian said...

You'd be risking hypothermia and loss of appendages if you wore flip flops in the winter in Canada. Still, the snow is beautiful. I've always loved winter and can't imagine living in a place without it.