Sunday, February 3, 2008

don't drink the water...

Just in time for the Superbowl, it's Papa Bert's Sippin' Seat!

Designed to help you sneak booze into sports stadiums, the Sippin' Seat holds 750ml of warm or cold liquid. That's an entire bottle of wine!

These kinds of products totally crack me up. Remember this one?

And you have to watch the movie that demos the Sippin' Seat. It's almost dirty!


Pel said...

Superbowl! I stayed up late to watch it and I wasn't disapointed. Well, I was a little but that was because I was sat watching it in my Atlanta Falcons jersey and they weren't there.

That seat looks almost medical in nature...and wouldn't the beer/wine warm up with your own body heat? By body heat...ass heat...That could lead to some odd drinks.

Much prefer the beer belly, mainly because it's like a warning in and of itself :D

Watching from the comfort of my own home meant I could drink all I wanted without worry!

vivian said...

I guess there is some sort of insulation type thing that stops the ass heat from affecting the beverage temperature. (BTW, that was my first thought as well.)

I do agree that the price of food and beverages in professional sports venues is disgustingly overpriced. But these measures seem a bit extreme to me.

Glad you enjoyed the game. I didn't think that anyone outside North America actually watched the Superbowl. Sorry about your team. Next year?