Monday, January 14, 2008

that's just the way it is...

As you can tell, I'm spending a bit of time on You Tube and Funny or Die tonight. After listening to an episode of the Daily Source Code Podcast from last week, I felt compelled to look up some George Carlin. This man is brilliant. Here are some examples. (Not work or kid safe.)

And one of my personal favourites. No video, but worth a listen.


Pel said...

Carlin! The man's a legend.

Channel4 over here did a top 100 list of greatest stand ups.

Unfortunately he was only at 62, but that, I think, is because the people voting were morons. Hence the likes of Bernard Manning being so high (well being on the list at all) and Steve Martin, Dave Gorman and Mitch Hedburg being so low.

Carlin is easily in the top 20 I reckon. He cracks me up when he tags 'if you really cared enough' at the end of the weapons bit.

It think Ed Byrne and Adam Hills do great airport security stuff.
Ed points out that anyone who can take over a plan using only a set of tweezer probably deserves the plane. And Adam, because he has a prosthetic leg, has all sorts of security stories :D

vivian said...

Carlin is genius!

Those top 100 lists are always bogus. Kinda like award shows.

I don't know Ed Byrne. I only know Adam Hills from the Tim Minchin bit. I'll have to check both of them out.