Sunday, January 6, 2008

run, run away...

After thinking and talking about it for quite some time, I am finally going to start running again. So I signed up for the 5K clinic at the Running Room. I used to be the person who said that they would only run if something scary was chasing them. That changed after doing the Running Room's Learn to Run clinic and completing my first 5K race. They break it down in such a way that it's actually enjoyable. And each week they present a relevant topic from buying the correct shoes to nutrition to stretching. And it's great to have a group of people to run with. Signing up for the 5K clinic is the kick in the ass I need to actually get out there and run. The fact that I have signed up for the 5K portion of the Around the Bay Road Race also helps. I just hope the weather is not too tasty in the next few months.

After registering for the clinic, I surfed around the Running Room website and found a link to Runningmap. This cool site allows you to map out your own personal routes and save them in your profile. You can also view other people's routes and find additional routes in your area. Very cool. So I'm signed up for the clinic, I have my training route mapped out and I have lovely, new running shoes. I guess there is just one thing left to do...


Kat said...

Hi Vivian,
I'm starting to work on my Pay it Forward gifts back from NaBloPoMo... did you post & play? Email me if you still want to do it and send your address - justkatstuff at hotmail dot com

samantha said...

Hey Vivian,
I have just learned how to post comments...yeah!
Congrats on having the motivation to run! I fall into your first category of running only away from something scary, although probably a brisk walk would describe me better!
Happy New Year to you and Steve!

vivian said...

Kat, I just sent you an email. I'm stoked about participating in the Pay it Forward!

Hey Samantha!
Woohoo! So glad to have you reading and commenting. Maybe you'll have to start your own blog? :)
Happy New Year to you too.