Sunday, January 6, 2008

i don't have to speak...

One of the reasons that we bought the house that we live in is because we have a creek running behind it. I love watching the creek cycle through its seasonal changes. Our weather has been totally wacky lately. We had a major dumping of snow a couple of weeks before Christmas, then it got really warm for a while and it started to melt, then it was really cold for a few days and everything iced over and now it's getting warm again. The forecast is saying that it will go up to 11 degrees celsius this week. In January, in Canada? Total insanity. Thanks global warming! (please note the sarcastic tone - I happen to totally love winter and miss having real winter.) As a result, the creek is going through this spring-like melty sort of thing. I went out and took some pictures today and some of them turned out pretty well. Here are a few. If you like, there are more on flickr.


Samantha said...

Lovely photos!
Thanks again for putting up with us for an extra 2 days when you did get the storm in December. I'm so glad that we weren't stranded at Pearson, but were able to do fun things like visit the closed Ikea in Burlington and drive around looking for a place to eat!
Winter is definately here in Saskatchewan, but we haven't had any long stretches of bone-chilling cold yet...only a few days at a time.

vivian said...

It was great to have you here, and the extra days were seriously no problem. I'm just so glad you weren't stranded at the airport too! And next time you visit, we'll work in a trip to IKEA while its open!

Our winter has disappeared, as I'm sure Corey told you when he got home from his trip. I miss the snow! We're supposed to get some later this week. Which makes sense, because it always snows when Steve is in California!