Sunday, April 8, 2007

wishin' and hopin'

As I was preparing our Easter lunch feast, I was getting caught up on my backlog of podcasts. On a recent edition of CBC Radio's The Current, they reported on the town of Leaf Rapids, Manitoba, the first Canadian city to ban the sale and distribution of plastic bags. How amazing is this? An entire town without plastic bags! And they are not alone. San Francisco has already implemented a ban on plastic bags and many other countries, such as Australia, Bangladesh, Ireland, Italy and South Africa have also done so. This is very encouraging news. Hopefully other Canadian cities will follow suit.


Pel said...

England hasn't banned plastic bags yet and doesn't look likely too :(
I've started using one of the big fabric bags some of them have started selling instead. Much friendly, and stronger!

Nice to see some places are starting to look forward like that though.

vivian said...

It's really a promising step forward, even though it is just one tiny town in this huge country. Hopefully the rest of Canada and England and everywhere else will catch on soon.

Of course, if everyday people like you and I start using fabric bags regularly, we can send a pretty strong message. I was tidying my house on the weekend and discoverd that I have 5 or 6 of these bags lying around. I threw them in the trunk of my car. Since I usually always have my car when I go shopping, I have no excuse not to use them.