Friday, April 13, 2007

clap for the wolfman

Our friends Julie and Greg gave us a bottle of Wolf Blass Gray Label Shiraz (2003) a while back. Since they are getting married tomorrow, we figured tonight would be an excellent time to crack that sucker open! And we did.

We decided to go the wine snob route and decant it. We bought a funky little funnel on a recent trip to Niagara on the Lake. It has a cool corkscrew look.

Decanting it really showed off its gorgeous, deep cherry colour.

After letting it breath for about half an hour, it was time to taste. If I was only allowed one word to describe this wine it would be, pepper. From the aroma to the taste this wine is all pepper all the time. There are some other spicy notes and the slightest hint of bitter chocolate too but pepper is the dominant flavour. It mellowed out as it sat in the decanter but the bold spicy flavour and long finish remained. It made an excellent accompaniment to our gourmet pizza dinner.

$33.25 at the LCBO.


e-Lizabeth said...

"he's gonna rate your record high"

snobs...didn't you like my IKEA pitcher?? Not good enough for you?? ;) hehe.... Wolf Blass = yum!

vivian said...

are you kidding? I only own two of that exact same IKEA pitcher! I just never thought to use is as a decanter. Very Boheminan chic. I'll have to steal that idea from you, if you don't mind.

oh yeah and..

"he's gonna dig it til the day you die"