Saturday, March 24, 2007

papa's got a brand new bag

I have been thinking seriously about how to reduce our household waste. One thing I hate is the amount of plastic bags we end up with, especially after grocery shopping. We try to reuse them, but eventually they still end up in the landfill. So I'm looking into other options.

Fortinos, our local grocery store, sells these purple, plastic bins to cart your groceries home in. They look like those green, rectangular recycling bins. I haven't been able to find any information about them online, so I'll check it out when I go grocery shopping tomorrow.

In last Saturday's Globe and Mail, there was an article in the Toronto section talking about how Costco is selling reusable tote bags. They are huge, measuring a half-meter in length, 38 centimeters tall and 30 centimeters wide. The bags are made of a durable woven poly-propylene. Apparently they are strong enough to carry up to 40 kilograms in weight. They come in packs of two bags and sell for just $1.99.

We headed over to Costco this morning to pick up a few of these bags. They were completely sold out. Not great for me, but how fantastic is this? Hopefully it means that others are also looking for ways to cut plastic bags out of their lives! The article in the Globe mentioned that other grocery store chains are also offering reusable shopping bags and most of them are sold out as well. Very encouraging news!

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