Saturday, February 17, 2007

sound of your voice, part 2

Back to the concert. Sadly, we missed the opening act, Tomi Swick. I've heard some of his music and really enjoy it so I hope to see him in the future. But since it was a work day and Christine and Stewart were coming in from 100 kms away and I was in possession of the tickets, making it to the venue for the opening act didn't happen. When we did arrive, we found the halls filled not only with the traditional merchandise tables, but displays for various pro-environment agencies such as the WWF Canada and Bullfrog Power. BNL has hooked up with a great initiative, Reverb. This non-profit organization founded in 2004 "seeks to raise awareness and support for the environment through building upon the powerful connection between musicians and their fans." Other artists who have got on board with Reverb include the Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morissette and the incredible Bonnie Raitt. Not only is the band trying to inform its fans of what they can do for the environment, they are doing good themselves. To see what the Barenaked Ladies are doing to lessen the negative impact of touring on the environment, check out Barenaked Planet.

Just before the ladies took the stage, a short video promoting David Suzuki's "If You Were Prime Minister" tour, was flashed onto the big screens. With this tour, Suzuki is trying to send a clear message to the federal government that Canadians give a crap about the environment and want our political leaders to do something about it now! And if that wasn't enough, the man himself, David Suzuki appeared on the stage, encouraging the audience to let Ottawa know how important the environment is to Canadians. I was lucky to hear Stephen Lewis speak last November and will be hearing Al Gore later this week. Add David Suzuki on top of that and I couldn't be happier. Imagine the world we would be living in if these forward thinking, inspirational people were running our countries. If only they would run for Prime Minster of Canada or President of the U.S.A.....oh, never mind.

So for a band that's been around for almost 20 years, the Barenaked Ladies are doing exactly what we should expect. Growing, changing, evolving, but always entertaining. They may have grown more politically minded over the years (although, if you were really listening, those traits were always there) they are still and always will be, incredible songwriters and musicians. They are older, wiser, have spouses and children, and are more outward in showing their social awareness and responsibility. All of this is reflected in their latest album and vibe of their current tour. They seem content with their place in the world, musically, personally and as citizens of the planet. They have definitely found the sound of their voice and it's beautiful!

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